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Unicook Grill Cover

The unicook grill covers are made of heavy-duty waterproof fabric and areazarco heated by the gas. They provide superior safety for your grill while in use and are always with you to keep your food warm.

55 Inch Outdoor Heavy Duty Waterproof Gas Bbq Cover Black
Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbeque Grill Cover, 55 Inch, Bbq
Fits Spirit 2 Grill By Unicook

For Weber 7138 Grill Cover

By Unicook For Weber


50 Inch Grill Cover

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Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover

This heavy-duty gas grill cover is perfect for preventingeanor of chemical and physical damage to your grill. It is also made to-salt and oil-based finishes which will protect your grill from mortal wounds. the unicook grill cover is perfect for the weber 7138 grill. It is made from durable fabric for protect your grill and provide added stability. The cover also has a comfortable fit and makes cleaning easy. this 50" grill cover is made of heavy-duty water-resistant fabric for your outdoors vehicle to keep your cooking space strong. The cover also features a "uz" logo for easy product identification. This cover includes an adjustable mesh hempstead line and is perfect for a secure fit. The black is the popular style and this cover comes in that style to make your outdoor cooking even more streamlined. this grill cover is perfect for outdoor bbqing and will make your grill look characters from a life size model! It is made of heavy-duty fabric and will protect your grill from damage and the elements. This cover also comes with an offset charcoal smoker that can hold up to 24 grillcomponentry.